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The Help You Need

If you are seeking more clients for your business, JCH Digital offers two very important services ...

Lead Generation and SEO or Search Engine Optimization. See below for explanations of both.

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Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

Quite simply, it is using our services to deliver more high quality leads for your business. If we could bring you 50-100 new leads every month, people actively searching for your service, how many of those leads could you close? 10%? 20%? Or even 50%? What would that extra 10, 20, or 50% new business mean for your bottom line? Yes, you want to use us for lead generation!


SEO is search engine optimization. It is a process whereby we research your best keywords, check content, look at your backlinks and citations, the design - and come up with areas to improve.  Why do you want SEO? Because it is one measure that Google uses to rank your website. The higher the rank, the greater the likelihood you will be found on page one of searches. AND it increases the likelihood you will be in the top 3 of Google Maps for that search. Very important to your business!

Time for Change

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